Owning a pair of comfortable glasses is important to anyone that wears them for extended periods of time. Here at Town Eyecare we want to provide glasses that give a custom fit just as much as ones that present unique styles. Zero G is an American company based in California. Their eyewear collection is both fashionable in style and provides a perfect fit and balance.

The logo for Zero G is a square that is made up with four smaller squares. Each of these squares represents the core principles for Zero G which are quality, balance, strength and simplicity.

Quality and strength:

Each frame from Zero G is made from surgical grade titanium which is one of the strongest metals found in manufacturing. Each frame is cut from one single sheet of metal. By doing this, it removes the need for any solder points which will create weakness in an eyeglass frame. This also solves a second problem. Screws in the nose pad area of most glasses can oxidize overtime causing a green discoloration. Since the frames are manufactured with all titanium there are no screws to oxidize causing this discoloration. In addition to its strength, the titanium properties also allow this frame to be hypoallergenic.

The hinge is another weak point of most eyewear due to the use of screws. To add to its quality Zero G uses a proprietary hinge technology designed without screws. The connection is held together with a spindle that is guaranteed to never loosen or fall out. To help ensure their quality is exceptional, all frames are made in Japan with renowned eyewear manufacturers.


Zero G refers to “zero gravity” or “weightlessness”. The reason the designers chose to exclusively use titanium was not only for its strength but for its weight as well. Not only is titanium a very strong metal it is also about 40% lighter than stainless steel. The goal has always been to provide a lightweight pair of frames that also have the perfect balance on the face. With the use of a lighter weight metal, the frames can have a larger profile without feeling heavy. The eyeglasses are designed with the perfect counterbalance to give an almost weightless feel providing for an all day comfort.


Traditionally, flat sheet metal eyewear has been limited to a mostly industrial look. From all titanium to titanium-acetate combinations, the Zero G product line is represented by over 120 distinct optical and sunglass styles, each named after a city or area in New York or California. Their design philosophy is to take classic and retro styles and modernize them by incorporating three-dimensional details, two-tone colors, and unique gradient prints. By doing this Zero G offers frames that are far from ordinary.

We are proud to represent Zero G. If the fit and feel of glasses are important to you, give Zero G and try. The engineering and manufacturing process of these eyeglasses provides a unique quality not found in most eyewear today. Come experience Zero G Titanium - ultimate expression, ultimate comfort.

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