Our Story

Town Eyecare was established in 2001 by Henry and Dr. Lee. Since their inception they have carefully selected the best collection of quality eyewear sourced from around the world. Over the years Town Eyecare has also become known to provide world-class customer service and a buying experience not found in any other business. In January of 2022, the legacy of Town Eyecare was passed to Dr. Dienes, however, Henry and Dr. Lee remain as dedicated members of the company. Even with some new faces, the core values of Color, Style, Quality, and a Personal touch will remain. We look forward to personalizing your style!


What Makes Us Unique


The color one perceives is based on the light reflected by an object. We believe eyeglasses should have color, life and accessorize one’s personality & style.


No two people are exactly the same. We believe no two looks should be the same either. We are consistently curating new styles to help you display your personal look.


We have high standards for every brand that we display. Most of our frames are handmade from teams of experienced craftsmen. We will not settle for less than the best in quality manufacturing.


From the moment you walk in, we want you to feel like a part of our family. You will not spend hours looking for a pair of glasses. Our experienced stylists will walk you through our collections and help the right glasses find you.

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5 Star Review

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What a terrific business! Worked hard to make glasses work for me. I tried progressives, but just could not adjust. No problem! I brought them back and they made regular bifocals for me. Refunded the difference....which I used towards getting two other pairs of lenses made. Gratefully, they had no issues with using frames I already had for the additional glasses. I have bought glasses at cheaper prices but I will never do it again. When I left there I had three pairs of glasses that were fitted to me, that I could see out of perfectly, and were well made. Plus the people are really sweet. I'd give more than five stars if I could.
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- Rah

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