Personal Eyewear Styling

Due to our unique frames and wide selection, we provide personal eyewear consultation for each purchase. We don’t want you to be overwhelmed by the different collections and styles. We will help you find the right frame to express your unique style.

We have spent years curating the best eyewear selection to help you find the perfect fit. Our collections represent the best artistry, styles, and quality in the world. We have styles that range from fashion forward to a timeless classic feel. We have frames that are ultra-lightweight and others that are bold sunglasses. We also have a wide range of quality colors on display. You can find frames that have a bright neon hue to a subdued elegant look. If you want to find a unique look and style to claim as your own, then come by Town Eyecare.

Everyone is unique with their different face shape, skin tone and personality. With these differences in mind, we strive for a personalized touch with every client. You will find a different experience when purchasing your eyewear from Town Eyecare. We learn about each customer and assist them with finding the best frame to fit their lifestyle and needs. Since we have a wide variety of options, we want to make purchasing your next set of eyewear a smooth process that will have you coming back each year. Our goal is not to help you pick your eyewear, but to help the right eyewear find you.

In addition to helping pair you with the right frame, we also take the time to help you select the best lens for your eyeglasses. Lenses come with a wide variety of options, and we want to make sure you are satisfied with your product. After assisting in your lens selection, we carefully take the precise measurements necessary to ensure accuracy during the lens manufacturing process, to make your best vision possible.

If you are not satisfied with your current eyeglasses, come by for a visit. With our extensive collection we are sure to find the perfect frame for you.

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5 Star Review

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Over the past couple years I have now purchased 2 pairs of glasses from Town Eyecare. The first time, I was presented with a few different styles that complemented my face, and in a few different price ranges. I was offered a discount on a pair that would have normally been out of my price range, so I went ahead and bought them.
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- Ryan Sullivan