Theo is the world’s most unique brand. The vision began in the late 1980’s when avant-garde designer Patrick Hoet and creative optician Wim Sommers became tired of the standard uniformity of eyewear. They developed a unique brand that is electric, exciting and on the cutting edge of fashion.

Theo, which is a clever anagram of Hoet, first appeared at Silmo in 1989 and has become a huge success. Theo is based in Antwerp Belgium and are currently being produced in both Belgium and France. Theo has grown to being sold in over 50 different countries. Even after 30 years and substantial growth, the business is still owned by the Sommers family. While keeping true to its original design DNA with its in-house team, Theo has also branched out to collaborate with diverse designers from other fields, pushing style and manufacturing into new territory.

The goal of Theo is to create eyewear that compliments the individuality of each person wearing them. Theo provides an artistic, free, and energetic look. You will find that these eyeglasses take vibrant colors and unorthodox shapes and turns them into works of art for a person to wear. You will find that Theo provides a modern look that is both amazing and amusing.

Even though the designers at Theo are looking to push the envelope of fashion and style, there is no room for compromise when it comes to quality. Each pair of eyeglasses are hand-crafted by artisans that inspect every finished piece. Theo’s commitment to quality exceeds the standards of ordinary eyewear.

We have been selling Theo frames for almost 20 years. Our customers keep coming back year after year, looking for new styles and trends that are not found with other brands. Theo has been a foundational partner in helping Town Eyecare evolve to the company we are today. We have never been disappointed in the unique designs and quality craftsmanship from this unique company. If you want a pair of glasses to set you apart from everyone else, then we strongly recommend stopping by and letting us find a frame for you.

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