FACE A FACE is an audacious, non-conformist eyewear brand founded in France by Pascal Jaulent, Nadine Roth and Alyson Magee. It was born from Parisian artistic culture more than 25 years ago and has been evolving ever since. The collections draw inspiration from modern art, architecture, contemporary design and fashion trends. In 2015, FACE A FACE moved its headquarters to Denmark. The design team remains based in Paris and frames are crafted in France, Italy or Japan, depending on the expertise required.

The direction of the company today remains unchanged from its inception. That is to design and craft eyewear that demands attention. To create eyewear that emphasizes and exaggerates the finest features of the individual – to flatter and compliment that which exists. Face A Face uses volume, shape, material, color and texture to empower the frame to express the character and personality of the wearer.

We chose to partner with FACE A FACE several years ago and they have been consistently one of our top selling partners year after year. They continually meet our standards of color, style and quality. We love the attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into each frame. FACE A FACE frames present a unique design that has not been replicated by other brands. When looking through the different collections you will notice an exquisite combination of materials, unique shapes and vibrant colors that strike a perfect balance between quality, function and design. From sophisticated to playful, each collection has a distinctive character and emotion, making the eyewear as unique as the face wearing it.

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