Nestled in the heart of the Italian Alps you will discover one of the most unique eyeglass manufacturers in the world. Their building is made from sustainable materials and resembles a monolith that blends harmoniously into the surrounding landscape. Blackfin has a strong passion for eyewear, people, and the environment. Blackfin was created in 1971 by Maria Pramaor when she decided to open her very own frame-making workshop. Since that time, the company has remained true to its roots and remained in Agordo and independently owned.

In 1991 Maria Parmaor and her husband Primo Del Din, began working with titanium to create something different from the competitors. At this time, making glasses from titanium was uncommon. Since that time, Blackfin has become a leading expert in creating quality eyewear using only titanium. Blackfin is unique in the fact that all their raw titanium is purchased from Japan, and then entirely worked in Italy to create top quality eyewear that is truly made in Italy. Each pair of glasses is made from a single sheet of pure titanium with no nickel or aluminum added, giving each frame hypoallergenic properties.

To each employee of Blackfin, the company is more than a place to work, it is a place of ideals. Everyone at Blackfin is proud to be Italian and work in Italy. They care about people, the land, and their history. This is what they call “neomadeinitaly”. They draw inspiration from the mountain lakes, woodland, streams, and mountain landscape. Their new headquarters holds a CasaClima Work & Life certification for sustainability. The building is made from recyclable aluminum. Electricity is generated by photovoltaic panels and hydroelectric sources.

Town Eyecare is proud to carry several pairs of eyeglasses from this amazing Italian company. Due to the titanium construction, these glasses have a near weightless feel and the quality is hard to beat. While having a European design, these glasses are trendy and fashionable. If you are looking for a new pair of quality glasses and want to support a company that not only produces an amazing product but has a passion for people and the environment, then try on a pair of Blackfin glasses and embrace Neomadeinitialy.

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