If you are looking for a fashionable but unique look in designer eyeglasses, then you should view our collection from Anne & Valentin.

Anne & Valentin is named after its founders Anne and Valentin. After a chance meeting the two fell in love and began a relationship. The couple became dissatisfied with the mass produced eyewear and how it related to the consumer. They decided to forge their own path and create eyewear that focused on a deeper understanding of their customers. The couple combined their experience with Vantin’s background as an optician and Anne’s creativity as a designer. Their purpose was to create eyewear that reflected how their customers moved, thought, and worked. By focusing on the individuality of the consumer, they wanted to design eyewear that truly expressed each individual's personality. In 1984 their dream became a reality when they founded Anne & Valentin in the whimsical city of Toulouse France.

Anne’s passion for design can be seen in each frame. The frames designs are both radical and unique but yet retain an elegant and sophisticated look. When discussing their approach, they have said they are “using color to improve expression”. When looking through the Anne & Valentin collections you will see why this brand is considered to be at the top of French designer eyewear.

Anne & Valentin proudly claim that they are “Made in France.” They say, “This statement is a moral commitment to quality.” For the past 30 years, they have been working with the same manufacturers located in the French Jura mountains to ensure their eyewear meets that commitment. When they began producing titanium frames, they partnered with the best artisans in Japan to guarantee their frames maintained the quality they had become known for.

From prescription glasses to fashion sunglasses, Anne & Valentin offers a wide range of eyewear. If you are looking for something that is classy and elegant, yet pushes the edge of fashion trends then come by and take a look at our selection from Anne et Valentin.

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