May Collection: Morel

May 9, 2022


Carolyn Dienes, OD

Town Eyecare

Morel Blog Image.png

Morel has been an amazing creator of eyeglasses for over 140 years. From humble beginnings on a family farm to popularity with artists and celebrities worldwide, Morel has withstood the test of time and shown the world their ability to produce quality and fashionable eyewear. Throughout several generations, the company remains a family owned-business and is proud of their independent status.

Town Eyecare has been a partner with Morel for more than a decade. Many customers have enjoyed the styles, quality, and price from this independent French eyewear company. The styles remain current and fashionable, keeping up with today’s ever-changing trends. Morel uses proven manufacturing processes to provide excellent quality in their uniquely crafted frames.

Morel has a passion for helping others and connecting to the world as a whole. Recently, they partnered with the Red Initiative. (RED) was founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver in 2006 to bring companies together to fight the world’s biggest health emergencies like AIDS. Today, (RED) is also assisting in the fight against COVID. (RED) partners with the world’s greatest brands to create (RED) products and experiences, all of which raise money to help global health.

Town Eyecare is proud to present the following collections from Morel.

Morel 1880:

Morel’s heritage collection, 1880, is a retrospective of the company’s very first designs. Frames pay homage with elegant details and vintage shapes. Key features of this collection are a traditional and elegant style combined with an experienced manufacturing process.


Morel ÖGA:

The Öga collection is inspired by the concept of functionality. Between the construction, architectural lines, and materials, the Öga collections is the best choice for confident men. Key features of this collection are a contemporary yet masculine look that also provides a very functional fit and feel for the wearer.


Morel Koali:

Koali is created specifically for women. For this collection, Morel’s frames are both colorful and sophisticated revealing a perfectly mastered creativity that is tempered with elegance.


Morel Lightec:

Always on the lookout for the latest innovations, Morel delights in designing frames that are comfortable with cutting-edge designs. This is especially present with the Lightec collection. Key features with this collection are the comfortable and lightweight fit with high-tech design.


Morel (RED):

These charismatic and expressive optical frames evoke the facets of a crystal. The sculpted eye emerges from the transparent border, a crystalline structure that is as precious as it is precise. These frames are handmade in France and use two tone acetate and hSave a faceted shape reminiscent of quartz crystal. The color palette uses ultra-violets, opalescents and futuristic gradients to provide a uniASSque look.
al. Morel’s iconic cat logo has been worked into (RED)’s signature parentheses, visible on each end tip.