Eye doctor near Downers Grove

We proudly serve the Downers Grove and surrounding areas by providing quality eyecare services. If you are looking for a team of the best eye doctors near Downers Grove, then you are at the right place. For the best eye exam near Downers Grove schedule an appointment with us. Here at Town Eyecare location in Downers Grove we provide the following services.

If you are looking for a new eye doctor near Downers Grove, you should make an appointment with us here at Town Eyecare. We are conveniently located for patients that live in and near Downers Grove. We are located on Butterfield Road just off of both Interstate 355 and Interstate 88.

We strive to provide the best patient experience from the exam to purchasing a unique style of frames. Our eye doctors are very knowledgeable and experienced. At Town Eyecare, we don’t rush our exams, our eye doctors take the time to thoroughly understand your vision needs and medical history. Depending on your eye care needs, our eye doctors can provide different levels of care to meet those needs. The services we provide include routine eye exams, comprehensive eye exams, children’s eye exams and diabetic eye exams. During the exam our eye doctors will provide a variety of tests to determine the health of your eyes and the prescription needed for glasses or contacts.

Even if you have a current eye doctor near Downers Grove, you will want to come and check out our unique selection of eyeglasses. We have spent years curating unique styles and colors that you will not find anywhere near Downers Grove. Even though you may not have heard of some of our collections, they meet our high demand for quality. We have eyeglasses that are made in France, Spain, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. We have eyeglasses that range from bright and fashion forward to timeless classics. If you want a different selection of eyeglasses from every other store near Downers Grove, come to Town Eyecare, we will match you with a pair of eyeglasses that fit both your unique style and personality.

We want to provide the best level of service for our clients that live in and around the Downers Grove area. Our goal is to create a quality relationship between our patients and eye doctors that you will not find at the corporate companies and them coming back each year. If you are looking for a new eye doctor near Downers Grove or have a different experience with purchasing eyeglasses, schedule your appointment with us today.


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Recommended from my friend and I have been going there for 2 years now. Kind and knowledgeable staff, they want to help you! Easy to make appointments with, clean office, and reasonable prices with or without insurance. They are up to date on their tech equipment!
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- Haley Patel